Past Projects

Sleeper Recliner Chairs – Completed!

Thank you to the community for your support on the completion of the Sleeper chair project!

The presence of a familial support system in a clinical hospital environment has an incredible impact on the patient’s experience, recovery, and overall mental health and well-being. At the Fort Saskatchewan Hospital Foundation, we recognize that creating a comfortable environment is essential to promote and encourage family members to contribute to the care of their loved ones.

Providing sleeper chairs to our visitors will have several positive impacts, (1) patients will experience less stress and greater well being by having their loved ones present, (2) family members will be supported to maintain their health by receiving adequate sleep while caring for loved ones. We have moms in labour who would like their partner present, palliative patients who need that extra support and those with Alzheimer’s who require additional assistance.

Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital Foundation is currently fundraising for 22 Sleeper Recliner Chairs, which cost $1,200 each.

If this interests you and you feel you can help us reach our goal, please visit our donation page. Thank you!

Central Fetal Monitoring System

The Hospital Foundation is fundraising for the purchase of a Central Fetal Monitoring System for a cost of $74,422.35. Electronic Fetal Monitors (EFM) help staff measure fetal heart rates during pregnancy, labour, and birth to assess the baby’s wellbeing. Currently, in our hospital EFM are captured through bedside monitors and print paper records and can only be viewed at the machine. With enhanced EFMs, a central monitoring station allows multiple members of the healthcare team to view these records at any location. A number of electronic features will also ensure additional peace of mind to labouring mothers. The most important thing during labour and delivery is response time when there is a concern. Our goal now is to meet the need for a Central Fetal Monitoring System for every mother and child in labour and delivery. It will provide a vital window into the womb and gives valuable medical information to the care team such as:

  • Remote on-line monitoring of every baby’s heart rate and the mother’s uterine contractions and vital signs.
  • “Real-time” assessment – physicians can instantly access all data from a smartphone, home, or office.
  • Important qualitative diagnostic aid for time-critical, life-saving decisions, and interventions.
  • Electronic medical record allows the archiving of data, which will allow nurses to spend more time with patients.
  • The monitoring data may be archived electronically for up to 30 years.
  • Nurses can view all monitors at one time.
  • Electronic charting of mother and baby can begin from the time the mother arrives as a pre-delivery patient through delivery and then as a postpartum patient and allows for a new electronic chart to be started on the baby while in the nursery.

The ability to quickly review, assess, and interpret records is important. Upgrading to an electronic system of fetal monitoring will introduce a number of features not available with the current, paper-based systems:

  • preset alarms that alert care teams to potential issues
  • electronic access to view information from multiple locations
  • support integration of all information to track, analyze, and act upon, thereby increasing safety and quality of care
  • reduced risk of user error through the elimination of the paper-based system

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