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“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

3 Things We Can Give to Save Lives

August 20, 2019

Many people are very familiar with Canadian Blood Services and the important work that they do. Blood and blood products serve as a valuable resource for patients and medical professionals. It is crucial for treating those in emergency situations and surgeries, as well as those undergoing cancer treatment.  Due to this demand, the blood donation program carried out by Canadian Blood Services saves countless lives every year. But did you know that along with blood donation there are many other donation options and avenues that Canadian Blood Services provides, and all are vitally important to saving lives.  Plasma Plasma is the non-cellular fluid component of your blood. However, that is not to say it is any less necessary, plasma contains many proteins and factors that some individuals may be lacking, and plasma transfusion is the only way they can get it. Along with direct transfusion, donated plasma is also required in the process of drug manufacturing to synthesize life-saving medications.     An added benefit to donating plasma for the donor is that if you are temporarily unable to donate blood because of travel outside of Canada, you may still be able to donate plasma.  Stem Cells Donating stem cells is a more intensive, and long-term commitment as compared to blood and plasma donation. The process starts when an individual register themselves as a stem cell…

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