Current Projects

Operation 100

The Foundation is now looking at raising over $100,000 for the purchase of equipment and healthcare enhancement. In order to cover these costs, the FSCHF is launching “Operation 100.” Donations will support equipment such as:

  • The LUCAS system, a piece of life-saving equipment that provides chest compressions for those suffering from cardiac arrest.
  • Monitors for our panda warmers so all the newborns in our community have the best chance and success we can provide. These allow for better awareness of babies vital signs at an arm’s length and can move with baby when they need to be transferred between departments for continuous monitoring and timely intervention for better outcomes.
  • Gas blood analyzer measures the partial pressures of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood as well as its pH. This enables our Emergency Department to react quicker, understand patient conditions better, and enhance the overall outcome of the patient.

FSCHF is also supporting Dr. Farooq who is working to improve a patients understanding of the rectal cancer procedure and what they need to do during the whole treatment process.
We are deeply grateful for your continued support! Your gift today makes a BIG difference tomorrow and everyday.

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Together we can enhance health care in our community

Not only are you giving back to your community you will help change and save lives at the Fort Saskatchewan Hospital. Volunteering with FSCHF is an excellent way to learn, explore a new career, meet new people and make new friends.

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